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AAA Liaison: Steve Roberts

What is the Big Red Student Advisory Council: The council consists of one student from each of the AAA’s nine activity districts. The diverse council consists of students from 1A to 7A with a wide range of activities and athletic involvement. Students sent in applications that were accompanied by a letter of recommendation from a school administrator.


Mission Statement: We believe that education-based athletics and activities should facilitate the growth of the student through their experience. This experience should encourage dedication and work ethic as well as shape the student’s overall character. As a result, these activities should maintain a balance between home and school life while also promoting the values that activities teach such as teamwork, pride, respect, perseverance, and sportsmanship. All activities should be viewed as equal and all members should be revered with the same level of respect. These activities should not solely be based on the titles and awards gained but also on the fun that comes with it. 


2020-21 Class

Activity District 1E – Madelyn Lynch – Mountain Home

Activity District 1W – JJ Hollingsworth – Greenland

Activity District 2 – Landon McBride – Izard County

Activity District 3 – London White – Trumann

Activity District 4 – Shivam Raja – Alma

Activity District 5 – Mary Kate Tipton – Morrilton

Activity District 6 – Jaxson Robinson – Stuttgart

Activity District 7 – Rachel Ward – Magnolia

Activity District 8 – Mya Tolbert - Dollarway

2021-22 Class

Activity District 1W - Zoe Nix - Farmington

Activity District 1W - Jake Estes - Ozark Catholic

Activity District 2 - Timothy Ward - Tuckerman

Activity District 3 - Logan Slayton - Osceola

Activity District 4 - Anna Woolsey - Ozark

Activity District 5 - Coby Qualls - Lake Hamilton

Activity District 5 - Avery Caldwell - Joe T. Robinson

Activity District 7 - Mackay Smith - Dierks

Activity District 8 - Cantley Gosdin - Monticello