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Excessive Heat Warning For This Week

8/22/2023 / Posted by Bobby Swofford

With this week's excessive heat warning, adjustments in practice times and game times may be necessary. Many teams are scheduling practice before school or at night. We understand the inconvenience of shifting practice times but the forecast indicates that the wet bulb globe readings will prohibit outdoor workouts and practice during normal practice times. Wet bulb globe guidelines must be adhered for practices whether an athletic trainer is on site or not. Please review the guidelines - Wet Bulb Guidelines (link in post) Game Times can be adjusted to accommodate heat issues. Several schools have already decided to start at 8:00 this week rather than 7:00. Officials will also add additional officials timeouts to address heat issues and allow for more time to hydrate . If you change game times, please communicate with officials, media, parents, workers, etc. to make sure everyone is on the same page.