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AWays to Save Money on Different Online Services



In the game of saving money, little numbers add up quickly. Picture this. If you saved $10 from shopping deals every week, you would have $520 after a year and $5200 in a decade. If you shop regularly and save $100 per week, your savings could cover your bills or home repairs comfortably.
The point is, always look for ways to save money when paying for different services online. Here are a few tips.
Use Coupons and Bonuses
Hunting coupon codes no longer means snipping out pieces of your weekend newspaper to hand them to local stores. With online shopping, you can install an app or browser extension that finds coupons for all sorts of products.
Some of these apps also insert coupon codes on shopping sites for you. And if they don’t, all you need is to copy the codes on these apps and paste them on your shopping carts.
Meanwhile, some online businesses no longer require you to use coupon codes on their deals. Take casino businesses as an example. The best casino bonus isn’t just big. It’s also automatic so that when you sign up or make a deposit, you receive it instantly.
Compare Deals
In this age of comparison tools and review websites, taking the first deal you get isn’t an option. Instead, shop around to compare prices, features and the quality of services before you take out your credit card.
There’s a review website for nearly every product. Look for these sites and compare several companies. Learn more about each brand and compare their products based on the value they provide.
If you want to save time, look for a shopping comparison tool like Price Link or Price Grabber. The former is a browser extension that gathers the prices of a product you want to buy from multiple merchants.
The latter is an app that does the same job. But it’s more effective on mobile devices. Crucially, Price Grabber also pulls out information about taxes, shipping costs and additional fees to help you get a clear picture of what you plan to buy.
Shop on the Right Days
Many online businesses run promotions from time to time. Some companies have shopping deals every weekend. Others give out discounts during major holidays, on your birthday or when the company is celebrating its anniversary.
Before you pay for a service at a new company, therefore, research more about their past promotions. If they have dynamic prices that are lowest mid-week, that’s the time to make your purchase.
Interestingly, there are universal days when businesses from the same industry have great deals. Many airlines, for example, provide the best deals on Sundays. In contrast, SAAS companies lower their fees on Thursdays and Fridays.
Avoid In-Game Payments
Want to save money on video games? Play to earn points and skins as opposed to buying them. Sure, buying a colourful gun is the easy way out. But if it costs $10 and you have to purchase a few more items for $100, you could end up spending a lot of money.
Surprisingly, many trendy cosmetics and loot box items aren’t hard to get. They just require patience and playing a game constantly. Of course, your best chances lie in winning often—because most games give out in-game items to winners.
If you must buy loot boxes and skins, find the best deals. In many cases, that means buying these items when a video game has a promotion. Alternatively, join skins-trading sites to buy skins at even lower rates.
  Join a Loyalty Reward Program
Loyalty programs have been around for decades. And yet, far too many people avoid them for no reason at all. The best programs give you free cash you can withdraw. However, many companies reward loyalty with discounts and shopping vouchers.
Usually, you must earn loyalty rewards by shopping at a website regularly. And you could get points every time you shop, instant discounts or a voucher to activate the next time you buy something.
Like many shopping deals, loyalty programs vary in the value they give you. Think about it. One website has a program through which you receive $10 for every $1000 you spend. On the flip side, a different business gives you $10 for every $500. Which program would you join?
The point is, don’t join a loyalty program without analyzing its deals. There could be better deals out there. And that’s the entire goal of shopping online: finding the best deals.
Avoid Online Pricing Tricks
Online businesses can be sneaky at times. They will show you a “Time-limited discount” for a couple of deals to pressure you into buying. But guess what? They will bring back the same deal or an even bigger discount a few days later.
Another pricing trick is to show the best deals to specific target groups. For example, someone in London could get a better deal than a shopper in New York. It all depends on the casino’s marketing strategy.
Fortunately, there’s a way to beat these trick and come out as the winner when shopping online. For starters, clear your browsing history and cookies. That way, online stores will stop showing you the same deals.
Then log out of your email accounts and set up a VPN. This helps increase anonymity, which is good for online shopping. To expound more, many companies show you the best deals if they’re not sure where you come from.
Use the Shopping Cart Trick
When you show many stores you have an interest in their products, they open all discount floodgates. Let’s say you add items in your shopping cart and abandon it for a day. Some companies send you an email the next day with a shopping voucher.

Others keep showing you discounts for up to a month. For example, they could provide a 10% discount the first week you fail to buy. And then they could double the offer the following week. They can go on for a month to give you enough time to make a buying decision.

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