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Welcome to your online SOFTBALL COACHES PACKET

Please print and review all of the forms listed below in preparation for the 2020 softball season.


All senior high varsity schedules, rosters, scores, and team photos must be entered on the MaxPreps website.

MaxPreps Technical Support


Schedule: must be posted to MaxPreps by February 1st.

Roster: must be posted to MaxPreps by February 28th.

Team Photo:  must be posted to MaxPreps by April 15th.

SCORES: Scores from each game must be entered on MaxPreps within 24 hours of the completion of each contest.

                                              *****All deadlines must be met to avoid penalty*****

  1. Introduction Letter
  2. 2020 Softball Conference Assignments
  3. Softball Online Rules Meeting - may be taken online by logging into our websiteFailure to do so will be a $50 fine each.  Deadline February 28.
  4. Website Information and User Instructions
  5. Website Requirements for Schools
  6. Benefit Game Sanction Form -- Senior High
  7. AAA Lightning Guidelines
  8. NFHS: Equipment Rules Addressing Risk Minimization
  9. NFHS: Intentional Walks, Equipment
  10. 2020 NFHS Softball Rules Changes
  11. 2020 NFHS Softball Rules Interpretations
  12. 2020 NFHS Comments on the Rules
  13. 2020 NFHS Points of Emphasis
  14. NFHS Softball Resources
  15. Sports Medicine
  16. Ejection Penalty and Review
  17. Items of Information
  18. Official Contract Between Schools and Officials
  19. Minimum Suggested Fee Scale
  20. Officials Nomination Form
  21. List of Registered Softball Officials may be accessed by logging into our website

If you have any questions, please contact Kristy Clark.