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MaxPreps: All senior high varsity schedules, rosters, scores, and team photos must be entered on the MaxPreps website. MaxPreps Technical Support

AAA and MaxPreps Partnership FAQ


·         Schedule: must be posted to MaxPreps by April 1st.

·         Roster: must be posted to MaxPreps by August 30th.

·         Team Photo:  must be posted to MaxPreps by November 1st.

SCORES:  In place of weekly game reports all scores must be entered on MaxPreps within 24 hours of the completion of each contest.

                                              *****All deadlines must be met to avoid penalty*****



Please print and review all of the forms listed below in preparation for the 2018 football season.



  1. Football Online Rules Meeting - must be taken online by logging into our website.  Deadline August 30.  Failure to do so will be a $50 fine.  BE SURE TO PRINT OFF THE CONFIRMATION SHEET TO VERIFY YOU COMPLETED THIS!!  You MUST choose the school(s) for whom you are attending. *Will work in any web browser EXCEPT Google Chrome!
  2. Website Requirements for Schools
  3. Website Information and User Instructions
  4. Benefit Game Sanction Form -- Junior High
  5. Benefit Game Sanction Form -- Senior High
  6. Guidelines Effective For Football Practice
  7. Football Pre-season Regulations
  8. Checklist for Coaches and Administrators
  9. Suggestion for Welcome and Opening Remarks
  10. Kicking Ball
  11. Modified Timing Rules: Starting and Stopping the Clock
  12. Football Tied Conference and Non-Conference Game Procedure
  13. Game-Ending Procedures for Conference and Non-Conference Football Games
  14. Lightning Guidelines
  15. Football Field Diagram
  16. Notice to your Officials
  17. Minimum Suggested Pay Scale
  18. HUDL: In an effort to better train our football officials, we are asking those schools who have a Hudl account to exchange your game video with us. This video will be used for training purposes only.  Please exchange your videos with: AOA Football Central.
  19. Football Points of Emphasis for Statewide Football Clinic
  21. Heat Illness Prevention Tips
  22. Hot Weather Hints
  23. Concussion in Sports--What You Need to Know
  24. Suggested Guidelines for Management of Head Trauma in Sports
  25. Helmet Warning
  26. Football Helmet Re-conditioning
  27. NOCSAE Release on VA Tech Ratings
  28. NOCSAE NEWS Release on Helmet Safety
  29. NOCSAE Standards and Add-on Helmet Products
  30. Xenith Football Helmet Recall
  31. NFHS Football Resources
  32. 2018 NFHS Football Rules Changes
  33. 2018 NFHS Football Points of Emphasis
  34. 2018 NFHS Football Jersey and Pants Rules
  35. 2018-19 NFHS Official Football Signals
  36. 2018 NFHS General Instructions for Football Line-to-Gain Crews
  37. 2018 NFHS General Instructions for Football Clock Operators


If you have any questions, please contact Kristy Clark.