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Welcome to the online Cross Country and Track and Field Coaches Packet 


All senior high varsity schedules, rosters, scores, and team photos must be entered on the MaxPreps website.

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Cross County Rule Presentation: must be completed by August 23. Failure to complete requirement will result in a $50 fine.

Track and Field Rule Presentation: must be completed by February 21. Failure to complete requirement will result in a $50 fine.

Website Requirements:

RESULTS:  All meet results must be entered on MaxPreps within 48 hours of the completion of each meet.

                                               *****All deadlines must be met to avoid penalty*****



Please read thoroughly.  This information is for YOU!

1.               Track rules book packets are being sent to the HEAD TRACK COACH of each AAA member school that has declared for girls and/or boys track.  In Classes 3A through 7A a second rule book will be sent for the Head Girls Track Coach.

2.               For Classes 1A and 2A:  If a school has a different person as the head coach for the other gender students, another packet will be sent upon request.  A maximum of two packets will be sent to a school, and only when there are two head coaches, as noted above.

 3.               A packet will be sent to each jr/middle school that has indicated track participation online showing they will compete in track and field interscholastically.

4.               There are forms and procedures for certifying meets (30 days in advance), reporting qualifiers, etc. on the track page of the AAA web site ( … Sports and Activities … Track/XC) along with other information that coaches will have the responsibility for accessing.  The page content will grow as we progress in the season so that each piece will be available as soon as it is ready. 

5.               The AAA Track and Field Rules meeting will again be online on the AAA web site.  Look for it by early to mid-February as the national interpreters meeting isn’t until late January.

6.               The AAA Track and Field Handbook will be online as soon as possible.  Recommendations from the Track and Field Advisory Committee (if any) approved by the AAA board will be incorporated in the new track handbook.  When the new T&F handbook is posted, please print out your very own copy!

  7.               RULES MEETING REQUIREMENTS – At least one track coach from each member school participating in track is required to complete the rules meeting requirements.  The only part of the online rules meeting that requires a login is the PowerPoint portion.  EACH USER MUST HAVE AND USE HIS/HER OWN USER PROFILE AND LOGIN TO RECEIVE CREDIT.  Coaches who do not have a user profile and login should ask the A.D. who to see about this.

 8.               All conference track meets are mandated to use fully automatic timing (FAT) and Hy-Tek scoring.  This is the time to begin planning for these requirements. 

 9.               It is very important that the AAA office be notified as early as possible who the chairman or contact person is for each track conference, the e-mail address of the contact person and the phone and fax number, and the date and site of the conference meet.

 10.            Please stay in touch with the AAA’s track web page and check it often.  Additional and updated information will be placed there as it becomes available.  Have a great spring and track season!


STATE TRACK MEETS locations will be posted on the AAA website.  Qualifiers must be advanced electronically to the state meet no later than 48 hours prior to 8:00 a.m. of the state meet date.  Forwarding info will be posted.

 AOA TRACK CLINIC –The annual AOA Track Official Clinic generally held in January is now scheduled for every other year.  The next clinic is scheduled for January 20, 2018.

 Track and Field Rules Meeting Components

 1.        PowerPoint Presentation:  NFHS and AAA Rules Updates – Using your own login (upper right corner of the AAA home page) you will automatically be taken to the Member Area.  In the Member Area scroll down and click on “Online Rules Meeting”.  When there, choose your sport.

View the entire presentation then verify that you have done so and submit electronically.  The place to do this is indicated on the screen.  Those who verify participation by the deadline will be given credit for the individuals and their schools.  This data will be gathered the day after the deadline for attending.  The deadline will be stated in the PowerPoint. 

2.        Go to the Track web page and locate the Track Handbook.  Print it out to keep.  Certain parts may be updated periodically so check back during the track season for additional info.  The track handbook contains Arkansas adoptions, order of events and schedules for track and field, Meet of Champs, information on Decathlon-Heptathlon and Cross Country information.  It will also specifically tell where Arkansas adoptions differ from the NFHS Rules Book rules or procedures.

3.        There will be an online rules meeting for track coaches which is required for all track coaches. It is also a requirement for coaches responsible for hosting certified meets. It will be useful as a review of the rules book, handbook and online PowerPoint presentation.  It is a good study tool for a coaching staff meeting or just to use as a self test for locating information.