Basketball Regional Tournament Directors Packet

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The following materials are necessary forms for the proper administration of regional tournaments.  Included are some suggestions on how to organize tournaments.  Print the following forms and read the information thoroughly making sure forms are completed and returned as requested.  These forms are important

AT END OF TOURNAMENT REPORT STATE QUALIFIERS TO YOUR STATE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR and TO AAA,   ------   THIS IS REQUIRED   ---------  Directions for Reporting State Tournament Qualifiers

1.  General Tournament Information
2.  2020 Regional and State Tournament Sites
      1A     2A      3A      4A    State Sites
3.  Checklist for Regional and State Basketball Tournaments
4.  Points of Emphasis
5.  Instructions To and Duties of Scorers for Basketball Games (NFHS)
6.  Additional Instructions to Timers and Scorers
7.  Sportsmanship/Timing Rule
8.  Sportsmanship
9.  Spirit Team Information
10. Information for the Public Address Announcer
11. Role of Law Enforcement
12. Award Ceremony Suggestions
13. AAA Pass Samples
14. State Qualifiers Letter (must be given to all teams advancing to State Tournament)