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Welcome to your online WRESTLING COACHES PACKET

Attention all Athletic Directors and Wrestling Coaches:


All senior high varsity rosters and team photos must be entered on the MaxPreps website.
MaxPreps Technical Support

must be posted to MaxPreps by November 15th.
Team Picture:
must be posted to MaxPreps by February 4th.

                                               *****All deadlines must be met to avoid penalty*****

The OPC used by the NWCA is now running on TrackWrestling. All wrestling coaches need to login under the 2018-2019 High School Boys season. It is very important that your rosters are uploaded to this website as soon as possible.
TrackWrestling FAQ's


  1. Season Information
  2. Website Requirements for Schools
  3. 2018-19 Wrestling Handbook
  4. High Schools Declared for Wrestling
  5. Junior High and Middle Schools Declared for Wrestling
  6. 2018-19 Assessors
  7. Assessors Instructions
  8. Assessment Form
  9. Physicans Clearance Form
  10. NFHS Wrestling Skin Lesion Form
  11. Student Data Info
  12. Concussion Guidlines
  13. Sports Medicine Fact Sheet
  14. NWCA's Preventing Skin Infections
  15. National Wrestling Coaches Association
  16. FREE Coaches Clinic
  17. Wrestling Mat Rule Reminder
  18. NFHS Wrestling Resources
  19. Pre-Match Requirements for Referees Clarified in High School Wrestling
  20. New Potentially Dangerous Hold Identified in High School Wrestling
  21. 2018-2019 NFHS Wrestling Rules Changes
  22. 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Rules Interpretations
  23. 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Comments on the Rules
  24. 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Points of Emphasis
  25. 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Penalty Chart
  26. 2018-19 NFHS Wrestling Referee Signals
  27. Alternate Two-Piece Uniform Approved for High School Wrestling
  28. Wrestling Record Log - This form is recommended for your 2018-2019 wrestling season.
  29. Wrestling Online Rules Meeting - must be taken online by logging into our website.  Deadline November 15.  Failure to do so will be a $50 fine

If you have any questions, please contact Don Brodell or Kristy Clark at 501-955-2500.