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On-Line Heat Illness Training and NFHS Concussion Course


On-line Heat Illness Training is now available through ArkansasIDEAS.

NFHS Concussion Course also now available online.

Physical Forms Recommended by AAA


The AAA recommends the following forms (from the American Academy of Family Physicians) to be used for Athletic Physicals:

1)  The "History Form" is completed by the parents and athlete each year.  This is the most important part of the evaluation.  The information obtained from the athlete and parents can help medical professionals identify potential areas of concern.  Every athlete should complete the "History Form."  The form should be kept on file by the school.
History Form  [Link will access all four (4) physical forms.]

2)  The "Physical Examination Form" is completed by the physician.  The form should be kept on file by the school.
Physical Examination Form

3)  The "Clearance Form"  may be used if the student athlete has been sent to one's personal physician or consulting subspecialist for further evaluation and final clearance.  Have theconsulting physician determine the athlete's disposition and add the completed form to the athlete's original physical.  It is helpful to send a copy of the completed initial physicial to the consultant to determine the need for the visit.  Alternatively, the "Clearance Form" may be completed by the examining physician or supervisor to summarize the findings on forms 1 - 3.  If used, the form should be kept on file by the school.  
Clearance Form

4)  The "Athlete with Special Needs Form" is only used for athletes who have disabilities caused by birth, disease, accident/trauma, or other.  The form should be kept on file by the school.
Athlete with Special Needs Form

SOCCER Uniform Rule


          Effective Spring 2014

Track & Field Online Rules Meeting


          Required Online Rules Meeting – Each member school declared for Track and Field shall require at least one certified employee with an ADE coaching endorsement who is a coach of that sport, or an athletic director, to participate in an online rules meeting annually and verify online.

The Track and Field online rules meeting deadline is February 21st.


AAA Swim/Dive Liaison Contact:


AAA Swim/Dive Liaison Contact:

Nick Lasker

Associate Executive Director

501.955.2500 office

501.955.2600 fax