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NEW: VarVee Inc, and Certified Track Meets Results


 To:            HS Track Coaches and Athletic Directors 

From:        Nick Lasker, Associate Executive Director

Date:         June 10, 2011
RE:           VarVee, Inc. and Certified Track Meet Results
The Arkansas Activities Association is pleased to inform you that we have signed a two-year contract with VarVee Inc. to be the provider of results for all Certified Track Meets of AAA member schools. For the 2012 Track Season, Meet Directors will be able to upload the meet results from their hosted Certified Track Meet to the VarVee website. The Meet Director will upload the results by going to the VarVee website ( It will be mandatory for the Meet Directors of Certified Track Meets to upload the meet results. Failure to upload the results will result in the Meet’s status being changed from Certified to NOT-Certified. VarVee’s website will not only provide the results of all Certified Track Meets, but will also provide information for individual athletes and their performances. This opportunity allows for all track coaches to be knowledgeable of performances across the state. The information at VarVee is easily viewed by schools, parents, media, etc. 
Other sports offered by the AAA had this service available for statistical submissions this past year. The Track Advisory Committee now would like to make this opportunity available for track.  Detailed information regarding VarVee was sent to each member school’s Athletic Director this past year when the agreement was established. Track coaches should visit with their Athletic Director regarding entering the login to the VarVee system and for the administration of your school’s profile and team information. The company is also happy to help anyone seeking to register, simply by writing to      

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