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2017-2018 Swim/Dive Information and Documents

Reminder: All swim coaches must have a coaching endorsement by one of the following ways:
               * Embedded in their AR Department of Education Teaching License
               * Completion of the AAA Coaches Education Program documentation:
                              - Teacher Coach Verification Form
                              - Register Volunteer Coach Form
                              - Enrollment in the Registered Volunteer Program

Ø All State Swim and Dive 2018

Ø Certified Swim Meet List- Please contact the Meet Director regarding question or information regarding a meet listed on the on the document.

Ø Coaches Contact Information

Ø Coach Contact Information Form

Ø Conference/Districts

Ø Declared Schools List

Ø Forms to Host a State Qualifying Swim Meet
      * Coaches Signature Verification Form
      * Cover Page/Complete Hy-Tek Results Form 
      * Host a State Qualifying Swim Meet Form

Ø Handbook

Ø Hy-Tek Abbreviations for All Schools (Alphabetically)

Ø  Invitation to Host State Swim/Dive Meet (currently under contract until 2020)

Ø MaxPreps:
      *  Enter roster and schedule (scroll to page 2 & 3)
      *  Register state qualifiers for the State Meet
      *  Letter of Partnership with AAA
      *  MaxPreps Meet Manager Tutorial
      *  Swim Coaches Introduction Information

Ø Rules
        *2017-2018 Swim/Dive Rules Release 
* Interpretations (NFHS)

Ø State Swim/Dive Championship Meet
        *  Final Psych Sheets (Dive)
                  7A-6A, 5A-1A
         Final Psych Sheets (Swim)
                  7A-6A, 5A-1A
        *  Hotel Information

        *  How to register qualifiers for the state meet
        *  Location:
                  Bentonville Community Center
                  1101 SW Citizens Circle
                  Bentonville, AR 72712
        *  Pre-Scratch Psych Sheets
                  7A-6A, 5A-1A
        *  Pre-Scratch Dive Psych Sheets

        *  Qualifying Times (located in left hand margin)  

        *  Results
        *  State Meet School Information Packet
        *  Welcome Packet
        * Warm-up Lane Assignments
Friday Practices
                     *Saturday 6A-7A Warm Ups
                     *Saturday 1A-5A Warm Ups

Ø Website User Instructions

Ø Website Requirements (Online Rules Meeting/Pictures/Roster)