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AED Kits for Schools

AETN - Sudden Cardiac Video for Parents and Students

Project Adam    Focused prevention training and education ensures schools and communities are not only equipped, but also trained in prevention of sudden cardiac death.

Sports Medicine Information - Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Device, Safety Time Out, Sudden Cardiac PD

Wet Bulb Globe Temp Devices Price List  

Kestrel HS Discount    Heat Stress Meters

SMAC Newsletter 2018

Sports Medicine Fact Sheet  (school year 2018-19)

Sudden Cardic Guidelines  (school year 2018-19)

SMAC Newsletter 2017

Sports Medicine Recap

NFHS Sudden Cardiac Arrest Course

Dr. Timothy McGuine Discusses Sports Specializations

SMAC Newsletter 2016

Anyone Can Save A Life

Physical Forms Recommended by AAA                                                   

Dietary Supplement Position Statement

REAP – Concussion Management Program

Return to Learning:  Going Back to School Following a Concussion

Caring 4 Concussions


FREE Online Sports Medicine Professional Development Courses

Communicable Disease Video

Heat Illness Video: 108 Degrees - Critical Response

Sample Athletic Healthcare Plan Guide

Important Sports Medicine Reminders

ADH: Exertional Heat Illness Project

NOCSAE NEWS Release on Helmet Safety  May 27,2014

Football Contact Rules

Football Preseason Guidelines

Football Preseason Example Diagram

Concussion Guidelines

Concussion Fact Sheet

Graduated Return to Play Protocol

Know Your Concussion ABC's

Kendrick Fincher Hydration Campaign-Parent Handouts

Kendrick Fincher Hydration Campaign-Parent Presentation

Beat the Heat Pamphlets

AAA Lightning Guidelines

Guideline for Sports Hygiene, Skin Infections & Communicable Diseases

NFHS TIps for Battling the Sun