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2019 Tennis All State

2019 Overall Tennis Brackets

2019 State Team Results

2019 Tennnis State Brackets
    6A     5A     4A     3A     2A

2019 Tennis State Tournament Sites & Information

2019 Tennis Conference Tournament Sites & Information

2019 Tennis Handbook

2019 Tennis Conferences

2018 Tennis All State
2018 Tennis Overall Brackets
2018 Tennis State Team Results
2018 Tennis State Brackets
    2A    3A    4A    5A    6A   6A State Tennis moved to Burns Park, indoors

2017 Tennis All State
2017 Tennis Overall Brackets
2017 Tennis OVERALL Tournament
2017 State Tennis Team Results
2017 Tennis State Brackets
  7A   6A   5A   4A   3A   2A  

2016 Tennis All State

2016 Tennis Overall Brackets 
2016 Tennis State Team Results
2016 Tennis State Brackets
    7A    6A    5A    4A    3A    2A

2015 Tennis All State
2015 Tennis Overall Brackets
2015 Tennis State Team Results
2015 State Brackets
    7A     6A     5A     4A      3A     2A
2015 Tennis Conference Tournaments

2014 Tennis All State
2014 Tennis Overall Tournament
2014 Tennis State Team Results
2014 Tennis State Brackets
      7A     6A      5A     4A     3A     2A