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Competitive Dance Season is from the beginning of school through the state championship competition on the second Saturday of November.
Competitive Cheer Season is from the beginning of school through the state championship competition on the third Saturday of December.
          **A member of an interscholastic spirit team may not compete on a non-school team during the interscholastic spirit season.**

Schools cannot have both a compeitive cheer team and a game day squad.  Schools must declare for either Competitive Cheer or Game Day by the specified deadline.

GAME DAY --  Each faculty advisor or registered volunteer whom the school permits to be responsible for a non-competitive school spirit team that participates in GAME DAY must meet the AAA requirements for school activities advisors.


2017-18 Spirit Manual


2017-18 AHSCA Membership Application

2017-18 Activity ID Pass Application (Non-competitive Advisors)

Important Dates
  • Declaration Deadline -- June 1
  • Cheer/Dance Season Begins -- August 14, 2017
  • Rules Meeting Deadline -- August 16
  • Competitive Rosters on MAXPREPS deadline -- August 16
  • Deadline to enter State Dance to be held at Bentonville West High School -- October 10, 2017
  • Deadline to post competitive dance team/coach photo -- October 15
  • Deadline to enter State Cheer to be held at Bank of the Ozarks Arena, Hot Springs -- November 11, 2017
  • Deadline to post competitive cheer team/coach photo -- November 15
  • All-Star Spirit Coaches Meeting -- January 16, 2018



  • Verification forms must be submitted to the AAA every year before assuming any coaching or advisory duties.

Teacher-Coach Verification Form

Non-competitive Advisor Verification Form



State Dance Entry Form

All-Girl State Cheer Entry Form

Co-ed State Cheer Entry Form

Game Day State Cheer Entry Form

State Dance Score Sheets

All-Girl Cheer Judging Sheet

CO-ED Cheer Judging Sheet

Game Day Overview and Judging Sheet

Stunt Progression Pyramids


Useful Links

USA Cheer Music Copyright Educational Initiative

USA Cheer Preferred Music Providers

USA Cheer Music Guidelines


Important Documents