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Welcome to the AOA!

Renewing Members:

2019-20 renewal applications will be EMAILED on June 1st.  We ask that all renewing members (excluding lifetime and out of state), please login and REGISTER ONLINE! Lifetime and out of state applications were MAILED May 31st. MAKE SURE YOU SEND A BACKGROUND CHECK FORM IF IT IS YOUR YEAR TO RENEW. EVERYONE can register for the clinic online. Login instructions are listed below. Membership and clinic fees must be paid seperately! AOA renewal information is on the left hand side when you login. Clinic registration is located on the bottom under 'Your Forms.' Background check are the only thing that cannot be paid online. The form is listed below.


NEW Members:

The 2019-20 AOA Application is listed below.  ALL officials are required to undergo a background check. Both of these form must be completed in order for you to become a member of the AOA. The forms are listed below. The background check is valid for five years. Also listed below is the 2019-20 Out of State Application if you do not live in Arkansas. Please review the second page of the out state application if you think you qualify as an out of state official. 


2019-20 AOA Membership Application

Mandatory Background Check

2019-20 AOA Clinic Registration: The clinic is required for all division 2 and 3 officials. Division 1 officials are required to attened every other year. Track and Wrestling clinic information will be emailed out later in the year and posted in the officials’ packets.

2019-20 AOA Out of State Membership Application


AOA Requirements: PROBATION WARNING: In order to maintain or move up in division, you must follow the requirement guidelines.  If you were on probation last year and did not complete all requirements, you were dropped in division.  If you were placed on probation this year, you must complete all requirements to avoid being dropped in division next year.

AOA Spring Business Meeting

AOA Committee Declaration of Candidacy


2019 AOA Hall of Fame Inductees


District 1-West will hold the mandatory white hat meeting on Tuesday, September 17, 6pm at Pat Shinalls office.

James O'Neal will be holding a meeting and exam session on October 27 at 3:00 in the Little Rock Parkview Gym. Open to all AOA basketball officials. You can contact James with any questions at or 501-844-0040.


Please log in to our website to review your records online!


Username: Your e-mail address.  If we do not have an e-mail address for you, your username is [your AOA card # without the F]@aoaofficials.aoa
Password: The first initial of your first name, the first four letters of your last name, and the last four digits of your social security number.
If you have any questions, please let me know.


From the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department:

Everyone knows the hazards of construction zones and traffic congestion when trying to get to the game on time. If you haven’t already discovered it, then try the Arkansas Highway Department’s new site for construction zone and real-time traffic information. Download the free app on your Apple and Android smart phones. A winter weather map is coming soon.