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Welcome to the AOA!

New and Renewing Officials: Click HERE for instructions on how to register with the Arkansas Officials Association on DragonFly. 




All officials (renewing, new, lifetime, & out of state) will register for membership and clinics on Dragonfly this year. ALL online requirements will be completed on dragonfly as well: NFHS exams, rules meetings, game reports, etc...Background Checks are the same as last year, you will need to fill out and submit the Background Check forms. They are located below under 'Important Documents.'

Lifetime Officials: DO NOT PAY FOR THE SPORTS, uncheck everything but the $17 NFOA fee .

Out-of State Officials: DO NOT PAY FOR ANYTHING. I will invoice you for the correct amount AFTER you create your DragonFly account.

Background Check: If you need a background check you will receive an email from with the forms you 'll need to fill out and submit.

Renewing Members: AFTER you are registered on Dragonly I will be going in and updating your records to reflect division, years of service, clinic attendance, game reports, and background check info, etc. Please be patient with me.

District 5S Basketball Zoom Meetings: James O'Neal & Duane Jackson will be having ZOOM meetings on Oct. 11 & Oct. 25, both @ 3pm. They will be covering the basketball exam and any basketball related topics participants would like to discuss. Contact James or Duane for more information. James: 501-844-0040
Duane: 501-607-1048

AOA Requirements: PROBATION WARNING: In order to maintain or move up in division, you must follow the requirement guidelines.  If you were on probation last year and did not complete all requirements, you were dropped in division.  If you were placed on probation this year, you must complete all requirements to avoid being dropped in division next year.

AOA Spring Business Meeting - POSTPONED until further notice!


AOA Committee Declaration of Candidacy


2020 AOA Hall of Fame Inductees



From the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department:

Everyone knows the hazards of construction zones and traffic congestion when trying to get to the game on time. If you haven’t already discovered it, then try the Arkansas Highway Department’s new site for construction zone and real-time traffic information. Download the free app on your Apple and Android smart phones. A winter weather map is coming soon.